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Gruesome Death for Star

or: where Lisabel's artwork goes to die

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Hey. I see you've found me at long last. Cup of tea?
Well, down to business. This blog is a place to show off my pixel art, dolls (or dollz, however sophmoric you prefer to be), my writing... hell, maybe even talk about my personal life once in a while.
I'm a private school kid, uniform and all, living in the frozen northlands of Minnesota with five family members, a german shepherd and an imaginary verbal gerbil. I love dolls, particularly pixel dolls of the male sort and BJD. Also, I have obsessive tendences over series I like, and when off the computer will write roleplaying posts with myself and make paper dolls with sharpies and looseleaf paper. I have several friends. It's true. Big books make me happy.
My deviantart account is empty but for three scraps. My MySpace had only one friend, and that was the one it came with. I've gone through 4 VampireFreaks accounts in exasperation over how pathetic people are there- and defending this argument by bringing up that pathetic only means trying to bring out pathos. Angsting is my touch typing. I *love* yaoi. This is all wonderfully vital, so keep track of it- there WILL be a test afterward.

When creating dolls on paper, I tend to make sketches in ink and they rarely include clothing, or indeed, gender components. When creating dolls on the computer, I use a free Pixen download and very pretty bases that will be credited as needed.

' What do you use Hair Cream for?'
'To lock in moisture, haha. :: primp ::'

'Every great writer begins his novel with a book. And fifteen prostitutes, and then some cotton wool, and then a long, striped animal.'