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And roleplaying avidly whilst in the heart of her boredom.
reading groznyj_grad has staunched my ennui for a day or two
and pondering the ethics of Tom Riddle/Draco has piqued my interest.
No thanks to all of you.

Aug. 7th, 2007

Guess who was booted off the interweb about six days ago?
for things.

So in the meanwhile I am-
furtively laptop posting
rereading for the Nth time my original publishing run copy of a clockwork orange from the library
wishing I could stop reading totally ordinary words as nadsat
fearing my parents
wishing for alexslash
reading Claidi

I am also halfway to the best familiar in the world on KOL.
wish me luck, I can't figure out how to put it together x--x
Working on my first sculpted-face fabric doll, she's turning out quite charming. I think I'll make her a teddy boy consort, I've got the fabric for it anyways...
:: is pissed because she's in the middle of a roleplay, on two hours of comp-time a day not counting this one, pilfered off her sister ::

Also, I'm now reading GinnToxin fic just to get a semi-suitable fix. DAMNIT, I'M DESPERATE. I want some more Tomfic absolutely positively NOT involving Harry in any way. I'm going through withdrawal already and I really don't want to think about life without more HP.
Oh, forget about that, I just need good HP slashrecs. Trying to find some, and finding only Draco the Whiny Prickboy.
Where was that Orochimaru and Tom Riddle fic I managed to misplace so many years ago? Because I really fookin' want to read it. REALLY BAD.


Working with kids has exhausted me. I'm dressed up and I feel like Alice in Wonderland, only not written by a creepy cleric of literature. I hate the word informance. Harry Potter 7 is coming out in a few hours, I've got A.I. on TiVo, as well as David Tennant being his sexy self, and I could just about freeze time right now and call it perfect.
On my reading list is the Princess Primer and a hell of a lot of Edward Gorey.

Fluttery skirt + sissy red blouse + massive vietnam-era army jacket and mary janes = my love my love my love


Guess what Mary made in her time off?
That's right. Rehashed fifth grade slash art. You're good at this game, let's try another!
(Also, a really bad doodle of raikov passed out on a table and a rather nice album cover I made. Go look. Creepy little girls.)
Come. Observe my feminine weakness.
Follow the... partial nudidity...Collapse )
Waiting is painful.
Spending the time between 9 AM and 11 PM on the computer, reading Vicious Pet and hoping my roleplay partner doesn't hate me as much as I would if I were her.
I've told her 90 times at least in the context of our two posts- I'm really bad at playing seme. Grawr.

But ooh, fumbling! ^_____^